Wiring a Bathroom Extractor Fan with an Isolator Switch.

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    The bathroom lights are operated from a pull switch, the isolator switch is adjacent to the pull switch on the corridor side of a stud partition. Three core and earth has been run from the pull switch to the extractor fan. In straight forward terms how are the three parts wired.
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    Is that the London underground map?
    As it stands, I believe the feed is at the switch, so if I understand the above image correctly the feed goes to a lamp/light then to the switch and isolator and onto the extractor? Is that the only way it can be done? If that is the case it would need rewiring? Incidentally the extractor will have a run on function if that makes any difference.
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    If the feed is at the pull-cord switch, loop a live in to the isolator off the switch, loop a switched live in to the isolator off the switch and a neutral off your light fitting to the isolator. As long as you have a live, switched live and neutral going to your isolator first, the rest is simple to feed to the fan, all as above diagram. The live feed ensures the run-on timer operates.
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    It’s a simplified version of the map with the CPCs/earths left out.
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    Thanks for the feedback!
    Presumably by loop you mean individual wires of the appropriate colours. This may be obvious to others but why is the neutral looped from a (3 X spots)) light fitting? To clarify, is three core and earth suitable for feed to the fan? I notice the earth has not been mentioned or shown in the above diagram, so am I right to say it's not necessary?
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    Of course earths are necessary. They must be provided at every point in the circuit, even if the device doesnt itself need an earth (fan in your case). So yes, 3-core and earth foor the connection from the isolator to the fan, also the cable from the ceiling junction to the isolator.

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