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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by iprwolf, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. iprwolf

    iprwolf Member

    Im just getting to the wiring side of my extension build, and could use some advice :
    1/ I want to replace old wire fuse board with new one with mcb's etc.. and it would be nice to move it from current position, is there a maximum distance that it can be from the meter, as I would need extentions of about 7m , I see screwfix sell meter tails 5m ?
    2/ I have searched forum about CU's, I have a breaker switch between main supply and old fuse board, so I can isolate when doing job, when I connect to new board, is it ok to go from breaker into RCB in new Volex CU ? I cant see why not, but thought I would ask.
    PS, dont worry, competent at wiring, and have to have it inspected and tested for BCO, just saving a few quid on the donkey work.
    Many Thanks, THE WOLF
  2. bungalow boy

    bungalow boy New Member

    When I built my own house some 10 years ago I located the cu approx 6m from meter. I had to install an additional rccd (I think 60ma) after meter in case anyone cut/damaged the covered 16mm tails.
  3. Chester

    Chester New Member

    Wolf, some REC's specify their max allowable, but it's seldom more than 2m.
    They will put in new supply, but big£££££!!
  4. northernspark

    northernspark New Member

    just finished a job on an upstairs flat. Meter down stairs in outside utility box. CU about 10m away.
  5. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    WPD will allow any length tails.

    I see several incorrect terms floating around in this thread, and the thought of a volex CU........oh dear......
  6. MechEng

    MechEng New Member

    As I understand it a lot of REC's require tails longer than 3m to be protected by a Switch-Fuse, not just an isolator or RCD. Seems WPD are not one of them however...
    Either way, get onto your local REC/DNO and ask them what their requirements are.

    Out of Interest, why is there this requirement to have a switch-fuse on longer tails? You would have thought that protection would be provided by the fuse in the cutout. Afterall, if you have a 100A Cutout, you're going to want to fuse the tails at same rating, to take full advantage of the supply you have been given?
    Different Fuse Type to provide discrimination?
    Is it just that the REC see more risk of damage to a longer cable, and don't want the hassle of being called out to replace their fuse, so make you fit one that can be replaced by people other than their own crews?

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