Wiring for a Sink Waste Disposal unit.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Wheel-nut, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    I am replacing my Kitchen Sink with a new one and adding a 0.5 HP Waste Disposal unit. I intend to supply the Waste disposal unit from an Switched FCU spur'ed of the Ring.

    Is there a regulation or recommendation for the maximum distance that the Switch should be from the sink? The Sink is below an 1800mm wide window so it would be a minimum of a metre away.
  2. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    Hi wheelnut

    Not quite with you..(its past 8.00 and i'm losin concentration...) but please explain a bit more...

  3. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    Hi Unphased,

    The "Trash-masher" would draw 3.25A so supplying it from an FCU off the Ring main should not be a issue.

    I am aware of the regulation that the nearest Socket should be a minimum of 400mm from the metal sink so am assuming that this also applies to the FCU.

    However, in emergency, I would expect that the FCU should be within reach of the Trash-masher and there lies my dilemma! Do I fit the FCU close to the sink ..... or do I fit it about 500mm away from the nearest metal?
  4. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    Hi w-n

    Agreed power consumption is next to b all so fused fcu off the ring is straightforward and correct to regs. Well if not too much of an inconvenience I would put the fcu at a point away from the sink where you can easily get to it. It doesnt have to physically be near the sh!t chewer to work it.

    I am not aware of the need to keep the fcu away from metal. Can understand keeping out of splash zone of sink etc. No problemo my friend.

  5. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    Thanks Unphased. I was querying this for the same reason as that you are not allowed wall light-switches in a bathroom.

    p.s. Before anybody tells me about power factor and induction motors, I intend to use a 5A HRC fuse in the FCU.

    Thanks again...
  6. Fused

    Fused New Member

    If your Disposer's FCU is below, or near, a plastic or metal sink how near can it be before 'risk assessment' (water splashing, leak or cleaning out the trap) would require a suitably high-IP rated enclosure?

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