Wiring Hive receiver into a UFH wiring center.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by MikeGaunt, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. MikeGaunt

    MikeGaunt New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I want to install Hive, My assumption is that as I have a UFH wiring center the hive receiver will need to be wired into that as opposed to the boiler.

    wiring center is below with the terminals for thermostats circled


    from the Hive literature looks like the Hive receiver needs more wires


    As I am limited to two terminals on the wiring center where do they go on the Hive?

    Other Question I had is

    With some smart thermostats they have stated requirements for switching current to be less than 6A how to I know what the switching current of my system is ?
  2. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    Interesting question the problem with under floor heating is the delay between switching on/off and the room heating up/cooling down. So the normal way is use under floor as back ground heat and a radiator to control air temperature.

    By slowing down the change you can control air temperature, but not seen any option to alter speed of change, it may learn but since they don't tell you how it works, not sure.

    To comply with current building regulations (and you may not need to comply) it needs to control individual rooms and work with modulating boilers, and the way they have done this is release TRV heads that links to wall thermostat, but how you can fit these to under floor heating I don't know.

    So question is why do you want Hive? There are other methods to turn on/off by remote control, and the heat up time/cool down time is too long to use geo fencing.

    Even with radiators they are in the main to slow to respond, you would need fan assisted radiators to heat up fast enough.

    I have written PLC programs to do all sorts of thing, I am sure what ever you want there is a way, but likely you need a thermostat designed for under floor heating.
  3. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Hi, you've got 3 terminals actually, a live, neutral and switched live. According to this manual 2=live, 4=neutral and 1=switched live. (page 17)


    So you would connect 1 to the permanent live on the Hive, 4 to permanent neutral and 1 to no. 3, you will also need a link between live and common in the Hive.

    I'm not too sure what the A and B terminals are in the wiring centre, the manual talks of two timer circuits, it says one is a set back timer which would lower the temperature overnight with a setback thermostat, maybe they overide the auxiliary timer connections at the bottom of the wiring centre but they're not needed for your hive in any case.
  4. MikeGaunt

    MikeGaunt New Member

    Thanks Peter,

    If i understood correctly wiring would be

  5. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    I think I may have got that backwards, the wiring centre no 2 is the permanent live and 1 is the switched live, so in your diagram swap the brown and black round in the hive back plate. Obviouslt the neutral is correct and the link is also correct.
  6. MikeGaunt

    MikeGaunt New Member

    as such :)

  7. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    No thats the same as before, just different colours. 2 in the wiring centre feeds the permanent live in the Hive, preferably with the brown core and 1 feeds the heating on (N/O).
  8. MikeGaunt

    MikeGaunt New Member

    Sorry fella, hopefully this is correct
  9. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Looks right to me.
  10. Sharath iyengar

    Sharath iyengar New Member

    @Mike Gaunt Did this work even I am trying to connect my Hive to Heatmiser UH-8 underfloor heating
  11. The Happy Builder

    The Happy Builder Screwfix Select

    Leave the underfloor heating alone, connect the Hive to control the hot water and any radiators, but not the UFH.
  12. Sharath iyengar

    Sharath iyengar New Member

    I don't have radiator and its combi boiler so don't have hot water tank . I though I could use hive to atleast heat one zone ufh .
  13. Rohit Valecha

    Rohit Valecha New Member

    Did this work

    I have uh1 writing system. Do I need to upgrade this to use hive.

    Or I could buy all heatmiser smart technology. But they aren't popular and don't do trv.

    This is what heatmiser recommended

    My house is fitted with underfloor heating on ground floor, this has a heatmister wiring centre called uh1-w and then a wireless thermostat made my heatmister, all these are about 6 years old, so they aren’t smart etc

    I have a radiators in other rooms and upper floor, the radiators are controlled by a wireless Honeywell thermostat and then I have a Honeywell programmer on the wall that controls the boiler for hot water and heating ( radiators)

    To Make the home smart so I can control this from my phone I have been told I need the following

    For the underfloor heating... replace uh1-w wiring centre and use Neo air to control temperature for underfloor
    1 x UH8-RF https://heatmisershop.co.uk/heatmiser-uh8-rf-8-zone-wireless-wiring-centre/
    1 x neoAir https://heatmisershop.co.uk/heatmiser-neoair-v2-wireless-smart-thermostat/

    For the radiator & hot water... heatmisershop.co.uk/wireless-thermostat-bundle-neoair-bundle-v2/
    1 x neoAir
    1 x RF-Switch

    I will put the RF Switch on the wall and then use the Neo air to programme hot water and radiators etc , the Neo air is wireless so I can keep this in any room or if I want I could stick it on the wall
  14. Rohit Valecha

    Rohit Valecha New Member

  15. rescott72

    rescott72 New Member

    Why? I have a wunda UFH and the thermostat/receiver are rubbish. At least HIVE will work and is easier for er indoors to operate.
  16. adgjl

    adgjl Active Member

    The Honeywell Evohome has an interface for UFH, but I haven’t needed to use it yet. In its basic form it is five zone, and there is an expansion unit to extend it to eight zone.

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