Wiring Kitchen Accessories in cabinets?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by OllyR, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. OllyR

    OllyR New Member

    I'm installing a new kitchen on Monday. The guys who took the necessary walls out, moved the sockets, did the plastering etc have left a loop of twin and earth in "about the right place" to add a socket in the correct place for the Dishwasher, fridge and Plinth heater. My query is in several stages:

    • Am i correct in thinking that this is not notifiable work under part P (adding a socket in a kitchen). I am confident in my ability to add a socket, but want to be sure i'm not doing anything illegal.
    • Am i still allowed to attach a box socket into a cabinet under the current regs?
    • The Plinth heater is heated by central heating water, the electrical part just runs the blower. It is currently a bare wire, can i add a plug or does it HAVE to be wired into a fixed connection?
    The fridge and dishwasher have overmoulded plugs.

    My intention is to wire a 4 gang socket into a cabinet mounted box (or 2 x two gang into a pair of boxes*), and plug them all in using normal plugs for ease of future maintenance and isolation.
    * = The cabinet is an under sink cabinet i don't THINK there is a problem with me putting a socket in this cabinet(?), but im thinking of using £10 Waterproof boxes anyway. Belt and braces and all that.

    Many thanks

  2. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    Just DIY here, I'm sure Deleted member 11267 will shoot me down.
    a) Just do it, if you're confident. Did your spark give you the relevant paper work for the work he did?
    b) yes no problem
    c) plug should be fine, assume as its just a fan the power is low - probably 3A fuse in the plug then. Or fit an outlet place and you won't have the depth of the plug to contend with (but then ought to have a switch for it)

    Whats going into this "4 gang plug", anything high power like washing machine or dishwasher? If so, I'd fit double sockets as part of the ring final, NOT an extension block. Proper sockets wired in as part of the circuit (ring or radial) is the way I'd do it. Sockets in the sink cabinet are fine, should be RCD protected.
  3. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    Here in Wales you need either LABC or a scheme member electrician to do that work, but not in England. However all electrical work should be tested and inspected and most DIY people have neither the skill or test equipment to do it.

    However I do to some extent agree.
    As to water proof, in the main better if not water proof so water that does get in can drain out again, although should not need it under a sink.

    The Myson or other make Plinth heaters take very little current so no worries there, standard washing machine or dishwasher only takes high current for short time, however a washer/dryer can take high current over a long time so would want a near dedicated supply, i.e. no other high powered users on same circuit.

    However nothing really wrong with what you intend to do, I would want to use at least a socket tester with a loop test, but on a new installation one would hope there would not be a problem.
  4. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Diy me also

    If sparks have left a loop of cable, sounds like it’s from the kitchen ring then
    Dishwasher, a fair power consumption, other 2 items, minimal

    Fit 2x2 gang sockets
    Or as just 3 appliances, MK do a triple socket - SF stock it
  5. OllyR

    OllyR New Member

    Ok sounds good.
    It's a loop of 2+E left protruding from the floor, rather than a spur.
    Good point about letting damp out of the socket.
    Might it be sensible to put an RCD protected double for the Dishwasher and Plinth heater, and then a normal socket for the fridge (to avoid it tripping and not coming back on in a powercut)?
  6. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    I’m hoping (expecting) that the socket circuit is already RCD Protected at the consumer unit. Is it?
    If it is, there is no point having a second RCD for the D/W.
    If there isn’t, you need one fitted in the CU for all of the sockets.
  7. OllyR

    OllyR New Member

    Ah ok, Yes, its a brand new house rewire with a new CU.
    Thanks All.

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