Wood filler for Parquet floor

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  1. Hi All

    I foolishly drilled a small 3.5mm hole in my floor when I went through the protective wood whilst piloting a hole for a picture frame. Yes, I know I'm a d*ck and I should have put the correct thickness of protection down. The hole is tiny and barely noticeable - but I will always know it is there. Can anyone recommend a good wood filler that will work well for this?
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    Any two part filler which matches the colour of the floor should do the job. Make sure you get it smooth before it goes off though! You don’t want to have to sand your lovely floor!
  3. JMo

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  4. JMo

    JMo New Member

    Or use wood plugs (either cut your own or buy ready made):

    You'll need a pillar drill to cut your own so maybe buy the ready made - obviously you'll need to drill the hole out to the correct size and line up the grain when inserting the plug.
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  5. Jiml86

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    As above a plug might be a better job
  6. Thanks guys. Some great options here. The wax and the plugs. The hole is only 3.5mm and about 5mm deep. Is the plug better than the wax in this case? Thanks

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