Wood flooring, calculating wastage.

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  1. sally green

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    Good morning

    We've bought wood flooring for all of the bedrooms. My ex will start on the spare room as it is empty.
    He, we are having problems calculating wastage and want to keep it to a minimum as its about 65 pounds

    the lengths are 913mm. We therefore need 3 full lengths and then about 50mm. We have allowed for the 10mm expansion gaps at all sides. I was hoping for the standard staggered look but open to suggestions as seen on the net a repat pattern every three planks in place of two. The width is about 100mm

    Many thanks
  2. I-Man

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    to minimize wastage, start off each new row with the offcut from the previous row
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  3. Dave1988

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    I worked as a flooring estimator for 12 years. Standard wood lay you want 15% as a diyer. Don't forget a good stockist should take back unopened packs!

    Measure the room get the sqm then add the 15% and divide by the sqm of the pack content then round up.
  4. sally green

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    thank you both
    in your opinions, would a random layout look ok as not much flooring will show once the big beds go in and big wardrobes/furniture etc.

    in the living room approm 29 feet by junst under 15 feet we have narrow plank, 95mm wide and 913mm long hardwood dark flooring and quite a bit shows and it looks ok but it a big room

  5. I-Man

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    I prefer the look of randomly staggered flooring, rather than trying to line up the joins in each alternate row
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