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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by hollyb96, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. hollyb96

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    Hi, im going to be putting up stained wood panelling in my bathroom. Just wondered if someone could help me out with the best way to do it. I have tongue and groove wood and im going to stain it and the seal it with danish oil. Would i need to seal the back of the wood with it too or is that ok to stay just pine and no sealer? Also when i put it on the wall im going to attach wood strapping first and then the boards on top of that. Will i need to put any protective layer behind the wood on the wall? I read online that for exterior walls to use tar paper but this is an interior wall. The wall is plaster and part of it has artex on it. Thanks:)
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  3. Shytot

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    Company I used to work for used wide pre-finished engineered flooring on a feature wall in en-sites & bathrooms.. We used Stixall panel adhesive to fix them . Went back to a house that had it done over 3 years ago and still looked really good .
  4. koolpc

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    Are you living in Sweden OP?
  5. hollyb96

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    It’s going to look kind of like the photo attached.
    Going for rustic/industrial vibes. Also have a faux brick wall and pipe accessories everywhere:)

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    That looks like someone has used a load of pallets and glued them to the wall!
  7. wiggy

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    Seal it all first, front and back. Batten out the walls. Pin your boards through the tongue. You could put a vapour barrier in there, would it make a lot of difference to anything, not sure tbh, i dont think so.....
  8. hollyb96

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    Thats what i was thinking. Although the wall had all the plaster taken off of it because it was damp and had black mold on it. It was removed and the leak fixed and new plaster put on. My worry is that if i dont put up a vapour barrier that it might get damp again but i wont know because its behind the wood. Im trying to keep the price down though and a vapour barrier will add to the price, although id be happy to pay it if people think it will make an actual difference
  9. wiggy

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    Put some on if it will ease your concerns, a bit of polythene isn't expensive. I personally don't think it will make a lot of difference.
  10. hollyb96

    hollyb96 Member

    I think I might just leave it without then. Do I need to leave any gap at the top or bottom of the wall to let the wall breathe behind of shall I cut the wood to fit as close as I can so it’s as sealed as possible? Thanks for your help:)

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