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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Jimblefish, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Jimblefish

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    Hey, first time poster and D.I.Y. enthusiast here. Searching the internet for ever can only give you so much... it was time to ask a pro or someone who know's what they're talking about.

    Does anyone know what the piece of wood under the ends of the hallway joists in these photos is doing and what would be the best, long term, belt and braces approach be to rectifying this without further wrecking the hall?

    It's completely rotted out hence my removal of the sections seen with incredible ease (Like breaking a bourbon in half or less). What should I do? The affected area is a doorway leading from the hall (Original House 1900 ish Stone Wall) to the kitchen (1990's Extension Breeze Block) and below is what I hope is a lintel supported doorway in the basement (Photo Attached), which hopefully would explain why the doorway is smaller than the rest.
    These houses were apparently built using wood from the shipyard in our Town.

    I was thinking to...
    Jack up the ceiling below,
    Remove all rot and treat with Cuprinol or something ****ing Awesome
    Use the 3mm Mesh I have and steel wire tie it to the same length of the unknown piece of wood
    Seat it middle depth between joist and wall arch on slate packing
    Seal the joist ends with damp proof course to stop concrete bonding
    Shutter and concrete

    All advice is appreciated,

    Can anyone help me :/

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  2. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    I can't really understand ito_O, but might be worth posting in the building section.
  3. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Good to see you back Mr M.
  4. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    Cheers CGN !:) I am normally too busy but have a bit of a slack period at the moment.
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