wooden troughing

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by stevie show, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. stevie show

    stevie show New Member

    Hi I need to replace a wooden troughing but not sure of the make, how can i tell??
    also how do i seal the joints.
    thanks for any feedback
  2. building control

    building control New Member

    whats a troughing?

    do you mean a vally on a roof?
  3. stevie show

    stevie show New Member

    a gutter
  4. Pete J

    Pete J New Member

    Hi Steve, all you need to do is measure the width and depth and you should be able to get something very similar to what you already have from your local timber merchants, if on a terraced house replace the full length, it will cost you about 90 quid or so to do front and back, paint before fixing and use preservative on the inside, measure and cut to length, nail and seal with gutter type sealent to next doors gutter, if rotten you may have to cut theirs back a few inches ( bare this in mind when buying yours)
  5. stevie show

    stevie show New Member

    thanks pete very helpfull much as i thought , but things are not always qiight as thay look.
  6. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    Don't use wood, use plastic - lasts longer, lighter
  7. Pete J

    Pete J New Member

    It does last longer but if it's a terrace house and all the others are timber it'll stick out like a sore thumb and look cr*p.

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