Worcester 240RSF - no hot water

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    Hello All,

    I am a newbie as far as making a posting is concerned, but I have followed this forum for a few years now, not so much for plumbing info but for the humour! It can be a bit ripe sometimes, so please be gentle with me!

    Down to business...

    My old Combi is playing up again (been OK since I replaced the diverter valve complete 3 years ago), not for the usual failed diaphragm, but for a small leak behind the diaphragm chamber.

    Having said that the symptoms are the same ie; central heating OK but no DHW.

    I jumped in armed with a Giannoni diaphragm only to find the old one was in reasonable condition. I fitted the new one whilst I was at it anyway only to find no improvement.

    After some head scratching I can see that the new spindle is not as far out as it should be in CH position, and therefore does not reach the micro switches when a hot tap is turned on (just like a defective diaphragm!). The domestic cold water pressure is good (the hot water tap pressure when on is just about equal to the cold.

    I have a nagging doubt about generic replacement parts quality (BES LTD were my source for the valve complete).

    Have I missed something obvious? Can some kind soul point me in the right direction please?

  2. boydell

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    Solved this one!

    Might just help someone else in the future not to make the same mistake I did.

    I sourced the new replacement universal Giannoni diaphragm on eBay, and when I examined it closely alongside the original it turned out that the spindle length was 60mm not 62mm as it should be. It looked identical in all other respects. I have proved the point by swopping the shafts as a temporary measure whilst I obtain a new one and it is working fine. So what should have been a simple job turned out to be a pain in the BTM! Grrr...


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