Worcester Boiler Central Heating Pressure Loss

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by handiandi, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. handiandi

    handiandi New Member

    Quick question, is there any other reason other than a leak somewhere on the central heating system, why i have to top up the pressure about once every other week? I keep it on one and a half bar, but after a fortnight its down to one bar. I live in a upstairs flat, and theres no sign of leaks on any of the downstairs ceilings. Thought perhaps there is a internal boiler leak into the hot water or summit but not sure. Any ideas?
  2. devils advocate

    devils advocate New Member

    Hi ha.

    A leaking safety discharge valve might be a posibilty. You could place a can under the safety discharge oulet so as to monitor if anything comes out here.

    A leak somwhere else on the system still remains a possibility though; it could take a while for a leak to show itself through a ceiling. Fingers crossed it's something simple!

    How old is the system?
  3. Pugley

    Pugley Member

    This problem crops up every few weeks on the forum.

    If your system is losing pressure it is usually either from a leak somewhere is the system pipework or radiators OR the pressure relief valve is discharging it out of the overflow.

    The pressure relief valve may be faulty or the pressure in the expansion vessel is too low (most common cause). As the water in the system expands as it gets hot it requires "air space" to expand into. If there is little air in the expansion vessel, water is not compressible and therefore comes out of the overflow.

    If there are definitely no leaks from any part of your pipework get a central heating engineer to check the expansion vessel for correct manufacturers pressure and/or check pressure relief valve for correct operation.

    There are other, less common problems like leaking heat exchangers and tank heating coils but these need to be checked by someone who has the appropriate experience/training.
  4. mario500

    mario500 New Member

    You could have bought a diverter valve service kit for about fifteen quid!!!! pity you didn't have the patience to wait for someone to reply and just fired abuse at professional heating engineers!!! 160.00 to service and repair a diverter valve and sign your name to say that this boiler is safe, and if proved wrong its ok to put me in prison > sounds like a bloody good price to me.. you all make me laugh! plumbers and heating engineers have to cover costs when ( not working i.e. traveling/ book keeping ect, ill, having time off cos you lot all get payed for that don't you? , when the van is getting serviced or repaired, or when uncle teds funeral takes place....
    Please THINK!!! before you make out that the world is against you just because the bill is more than you were expecting...
    Anyone who thinks plumbing is easy to learn is a fool..
    hope this makes people think a little..

    regards mario.
  5. bathstyle

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    Hi Mario,

    There are 2 posts about worcester boilers on this forum!
  6. mario500

    mario500 New Member

    well thats what happens when you read a thread and then have to log in to reply. ultimately getting the wrong thread to reply to.
    apologies to the people who replied to this thread.

    Really can't be bothered to find the other one though as I am sure it will make no difference to the attitude of some
  7. mario500

    mario500 New Member

    should have been added to petebreeze thread for anyone confused
  8. handiandi

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    Cheers chaps. I gonna try a can under the discharge first to rule out that. Thats prob easiest first. In reply to the age of boiler, its about 6 years old, without looking I think its a 24 or 25i.??

    MR MISTERY ! New Member

    Good answer from Pugley, but also consider my reply to Ian Williams. Micro leaks are difficult to find but they are often the cause.
  10. Sparklet

    Sparklet New Member

    Take a look inside the boiler top left, there's an auto bleed vent. Changed two recently.

  11. Sparklet

    Sparklet New Member

    Take a look inside the boiler top left, there's an auto bleed vent. Changed two recently.


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