work top change £120 ??

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by nathybizzle, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. nathybizzle

    nathybizzle New Member

    ive been asked by a friend of the family to change there work tops its a L shaped kitchen with 1 myson mitre joint, cut out the sink and there a free stand cooker so it just stops at that each side

    so in total

    1myson joint
    3 edges to be laminated

    i was think £80 for the joint £40 a cut
    £20 for the sink
    and £20 for edgeing i guess

    so in total £120 im thinking it will take a few hours tiles are off so just straight swap
  2. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Too cheap IMHO !
  3. wise uncle

    wise uncle New Member

    Add the cost of a blade £25, & site clearance if required.
  4. nathybizzle

    nathybizzle New Member

    i was a site carpenter so im just used to turning up and working got to get my head round pricing i allways think im charging to much but there are kinda friends of the family but yeah i didnt factor in the price of a cutter

    on average how many joints will 1 cutter do also i was thinking of buying the trend jig the £88 one
  5. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    every job varies for cutter life for me. sometimes 1 cutter will be useless after 1 cut and others last a few joints.i have found it depends on what junk is in the chipboard. i have found metal in chipboard many times.
  6. wise uncle

    wise uncle New Member

    Cosworth, I've often cut through nails & staples. But i've seen one of my old bosses kill a jigsaw blade trying to cut through an old bullet. Just shows you how much carp goes into that expensive worktop, that quite often you can hit gremlins in it.
  7. needajoint?

    needajoint? New Member

    spose i would normally charge about £160.00 for that job but somewhere round £100 to family friend.
  8. douchbag

    douchbag New Member

    I'd want double that.

    Esspecially as there's no such thing as a straightforward job.

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