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Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by decky, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. decky

    decky New Member

    I would like my kitchen worktop reduced in length by 7cm just requires one end trimmed to enable bigger space for gas cooker fitment. The end that requires trimming is butted up against exsisting cooker and worktop doesn't require removing.
  2. Doink

    Doink New Member

    Thanks for letting us know,let us know how you got on :)
  3. decky

    decky New Member

    would like help with this topic i.e anybody willing to do job
  4. JarraMag

    JarraMag New Member

    I just guessed your mobile number to find out where you live but it went to answer phone!
  5. decky

    decky New Member

    mobile no. 07909921034 thanks
  6. decky

    decky New Member

    post code br6 orpington kent
  7. decky

    decky New Member

    yes BR6 7DY
  8. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    you still want this done?

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