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  1. tilerman007

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    is it me or what? i've been tiling 20years and people want more and more for less and less? anyone had any experiance of tiling in spain etc as i'm fedup with polish tilers for £70 a day.does standards count anymore or is it all about money?
  2. iceml

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    i know exactaly what you mean they think you can do it for peanuts ,quoted £200 last week for 12m2 kitchen floor never got it .
  3. Tilers in Spain don't earn a great deal, and they're two a penny.

    You want to earn big bucks, get over to Florida if you can wangle a green card.
  4. tilerman007

    tilerman007 New Member

    lol i'm 41 so i guess i'm past it for going there, would if i could though
  5. graceland

    graceland Active Member

    hi, how do you know tilers are wanted/can do well in florida? what are rates there, do you know?
    to the other fella who asks, 41 aint old mate!
  6. There's a n enormous amount of work out there, so much in fact that they split it down to wall and floor tiling, you do one or the other generally.

    Last time I was over there which was about 18 months ago the rates were about $10-$12 sq/ft ($107 - £130 sq/m) labour only.

    But unlike here, you have to be a certified contractor and have all the necessary insurances in place.

    The average tiler should be earning $500 a day before tax long term.

    You generally need help to get there and get the relevant permits.
  7. graceland

    graceland Active Member

    thanks very much for the info and reply.
    when you say help, do you mean from a possible employer or someone you know out there? or something else?

    thanks again
  8. Possible employer, family/relatives etc.

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