Working in a house alone with a minor

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Muzungu, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. candoabitofmoststuff

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    The way I interpreted the original post was, how do tradesmen feel about working in a property where the only other person present is a minor?
    If an accusation, (a big "if", but possible) of "inappropriate behaviour" was subsequently made, where do you stand? Would your professional insurance cover any legal representation if the worst happens?
    Just thinking out loud!
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  2. Tilt

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    If the post had been explained / written like this, then that would have been a sensible question.....

    My replies were more to Bob's "you assume parental responsibility" (ridiculous IMO) statements...
  3. Bob Rathbone

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    I think you may find that the company supplying the venue and party insist that at least one parent (any parent of any child) remains at all times. This shifts the responsibility away from the provider onto that parent. Yes it is a grey area, do you want to test it? I would not. Tilt, my reply to you is similar.
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    Ok. As a sole trader (of which this topic seems to be about), where does the law say that if the sole trader is working alone in a customers house, but there happens to be a minor left on their own, that they have to assume parental responsibility for them whilst they are working there, all the time whilst there is no one else there????

    It is against all logic and I cannot believe it to be correct but I am willing to be proven my thinking is incorrect.

    A tradesperson could even find himself / herself working in a property, totally unaware that there was a minor still in their bedroom (for instance) as the adults go out, leaving them to their work...
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  5. Muzungu

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    My understanding of the law is that "in loco parentis" only applies to those individuals or organisations that have formally taken on that responsibility. For example schools and nurseries are in that legal situation by default, tradesmen are not; they have no more responsibility than any other adult alone with a child would have if, for example, the child had an accident. But that is just normal human decency.
  6. Tilt

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    Thanks. pretty logical and common sense really...

    but just waiting for Mr B to back up his words (tosh)..... or apologise to everyone for giving misleading information, (or misunderstanding it, but he has defended his words more than once)...
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    Yes, that's what tends to happen in the real world, I'm quite sure however that the owners of the venue don't insist - or even enquire - about the parents registration with OFFSTEAD, or lack of.

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