worktop jig out of square mitre joint

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    hi on worktop jigs how much tolerance is there for using against a out of square wall 10 mm or more ? do different make jigs vary what type of joint would you recommend if it cannot be produced by the jig
  2. blueassedfly!

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    10mm O-O-S is a piece of cake cut the female cut square then lay that cut over the blank, mark the male cut then move the jig 9.5mm back from the marked line and cut the male! ;)
  3. Fat Bald Martin

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    If you are using a 30mm guide bush and 12.7mm cutter you need to offset the jig from the marked line by 8.65mm, it is easy to do OOS joints by scribing and offsetting but you need to be careful with the jigs position for the short leg and radius or the joint will not be as good as it should be. Remember not to use any location pins when cutting the male

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