Worktop joint position??? (with picture)

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by CosRush, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Any advice with regards to the following worktop layout?

    I have a sink on the left and Integrated Oven and Hob to the front.

    Im unsure as to which position for the joints would be best and if the joints are best either side of the oven as in the first picture should I use metal strips instead of a mitre joint because of possible heat damage???

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Thanks in advance to all those who reply.
  2. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Personally I would go with the first option to keep the joint away from the sink. Either will work though.
  3. Rizzo

    Rizzo Member

    Another possible is to use straight 45 deg mitres, keeps away from hob and sink.
  4. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    I would not do it either way.

    Do the sink side joint as in pic one, so it is running away from the sink and do the hob piece right up to the right hand wall.
    Then the second joint away from that, so in essence, the second joint is at a right angle to the sink joint.

    Reasons being that it is much easier my way as it leaves the last (non aplliance piece) easier to fit.

    Don't use metal joining strips, it will look **** !
  5. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    Oooooo, a swear filter !
  6. Bernie's got it, easier to fit as well.

    Mitres every time, jointing strips are a health hazard, as well as looking carp
  7. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    hazard, as well as looking carp

    ditto, females cut from the top face on both tops
  8. Danlowe

    Danlowe New Member

    do the join to left of the oven as in picture 1 - thus helping to keep water away from the join, and do the join to right of the oven as in picture 2
  9. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Only problem I have with the suggestion made by Bernie is that the outside edge (The worktop opposite the sink and next to the oven) is exposed and will have the edging strip on it.

    I figure this will be much easier if this piece is one length as in Pic 1. rather than 2 if I followed the suggestion of having the join to the right of the oven horizontally.

    Any major issues with pic.1 with reference to heat from the oven?

    I feel I have created more than enough support for that particular worktop.
  10. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

  11. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    Well in that case go with pic 1 as it will be easy to slide
    the "free" worktop up to the "oven" worktop and the edge the showend.

    Are you having a hob above the oven ? and will you have enough worktop material to fit the worktop connecting bolts.

    I take it, that your drawing is not to scale then.Heat should not be a problem with a decent oven.
  12. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    If there isn't enough room to fit the bolts then you can coutersink some long screws to make the joint before the hob gets fitted but you'll have to be spot on getting the tops level.
  13. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Thanks again for the replies.

    I have approx. 10" of worktop each side of the Hob/oven.
  14. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    That rules out my screws method then. Worktop bolts will do the trick. Easy to get too as well if you fit the hob after making the joint.

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