worktop nightmare

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by sherrilyn, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. lamello

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    Who does? me?
  2. Joelp1

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    back to the OPs question...

    Your worktops have blown. There is no way of knowing if it was misuse or poor installation. You could tell from the other joins how good the fitter was, which might help lay blame somewhere. However, unless he cares about his name or reputation, you will struggle to get them swapped.

    Maybe time to swap to granite?
  3. tea_time

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  4. mar47

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    my new worktop was fitted march 2010, it has blow in several places near the sink over the washing machine, but the strangest is under the bread bin nowhere near warmth or damp it was installed by a professional i to now have to replace 3 lengths of worktop have the sink removed in one section, am i inpressed am i hell i am a pensioner on pension credit its a lot of work lot of money, colorfill does not work in my opion its metal strips on the next lot, so upset by it all its truly a nightmare,
  5. G Brown

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    I hope you have got the fitter back to rectify the work. You have a statutory 12 month guarantee on the work. Of course if they are cheap tops from a DIY shed then they will be rubbish quality and prone to blowing.
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    I tell all my customers that it is not possible to guarantee a laminate worktop joint. It's not because I wouldn't rectify any defects if they occurred (fingers crossed, none to date) but I want to impress on them that they should treat them extremely carefully.

    I was a silicon user and recently moved to PVA. I'm not convinced I wasn't right in the first place and will be going back to Dow Corning silicon on the next one. I don't agree with Colorfill as a correctly cut joint should not need it. However in the real world we are not perfect and there are times when it is needed.

    Also regarding manufacturers instructions, how useful are they? They don't have to guarantee any joint, it's always the fitters responsibility. I followed Duropal's or Axiom's once (can't remember which) with what was a perfect joint when dry fitted. They recommended two coats of PVA or yacht varnish to seal the joint prior to fitting (allowing each coat to dry) and then a final coat of PVA when bolting together. The chipboard expanded and it was impossible to pull the joint together. What a load of boll*s that was.

    I say bucketloads of silicon so it's oozing out of the top is the best method. Others will say different and the debate will rage till the end of time. One thing that is definite is use sharp cutters, do plenty of passes (minimum 4) and pray even if you don't believe in a deity.
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    Whats wrong with aluminium jointing strips?
  8. biasqinc

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    Whats wrong with aluminium jointing strips?

    Nothing at all and I'm actually going to tell my customers that they are very fashionable nowadays and charge accordingly? Mason mitres are so 09 !!
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    Where are you? . It may be fixable from below.

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