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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Barn Raiser, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    Where the hell can I buy a worm drive circular saw in UK?

    I need Skill magnesium one or new blue bosche skil remake.
    Can't seem to find any suppliers but loads on amazon US. Can't use bloody sidewinder circulasr anylonger its driving me nuts!
  2. Rip

    Rip New Member

    Worm drive saws don't comply with European H&S regulations and are therefore illegal to use.
    I use one of two that a friend brought back from USA and they do have several important advantages. He may want to sell his own machine when he returns in two weeks time. It's a skil. Rip
  3. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    Hi Rip, thks for reply....thats interesting that about the H&S regs, explains why I can't find anything here. I may be interested in your mate's saw...drop me a line on here when he's back and maybe we can talk more. Thanks again.
  4. 4sugarsta

    4sugarsta New Member

  5. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    worm drive is just a way of getting high reductions in speed with two gears and the blade is locked when the motor stops[asuming its only one or two helox]

    the gear on the motor is like a single or more thread driving a normal cog with the teeth at an angle to match the thread[worm drive]
    so one rotation is one or two teeth on the cog
    so if you have a single helix and 20 teeth it will take 20 revelutions of the motor to one rotation of the cog

    now someone will say no not that sort off worm drive:);)

    big all
  6. 12benny

    12benny New Member

    Where exactly in the European safety regs does it say no worm-drives? Iv'e often wondered at the lack of them over here considering that they are superb saws.
    De Walt probably make the best was not least for it's blade guard - it will accept any angle and pressure.
  7. Rip

    Rip New Member

    Worm drive saws fail here on the extent of cover of the blade guard and the complete lack of a riving knife. It's a shame because they really are superior (see comparison of sidewinder vs. worm drive saws in current issue of Fine Homebuilding)and 190 million Americans seem to cope OK!! Rip
  8. 12benny

    12benny New Member

    Rip, Hi, good to meet another subscriber to FHB, i also take Journal of Light Construction. John Bridges tiling site is another eye opener as to how to conduct a web site: courtesy, tolerance, acceptance of complete fools and beginners and brilliant responses including a great pic facility.
    Ref. the widewinders vs worm drives, i never saw a single sidewinder in the hands of a californian tradesperson.
  9. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member

    You dont need a riving knife to meet the regs. check out the Skil orca and the Festool saws.... they dont have them! (well the orca's is removable for plunge cutting) I have spoken to Bosch about this at some length and they say that it is 100% acceptable.

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