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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by BashOn, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. BashOn

    BashOn New Member

    easy fellas,
    I just couldn't keep away.

    Right, 6x2 joists on 400mm spacing (did you know NASA crashed a probe into Mars after getting their units mixed up?). 7 of these form the floor in an extension, 3ft ventilated crawl space over an old ashlar roof, plenty of space to get in and crack on.

    Unfortunately the worms have cracked on too.

    I think they are now too weak to sister, so I'd like to replace (this time I'll use treated timbers, unlike the timmies before...).

    End nearest front is on wall plate, other end (the old outside wall of the building before extension was built) are mortared into the wall.

    Ideally I'd not like to lift the floor above (t&g chipboard).

    I was thinking of two solutions:

    1. Bolt on hangers at one end, skew nailed onto wall plate at other. Then cut out the old joists.

    2. Get a big beam (not sure of the terminology), bolt that onto the wall, then skew nail the joists to this, and to the wall plate at the other.

    Option 2 might be the best, as there is no brickwork round the central four joists to attach hangers to.

    What do you think? Would 6x2 give a rigid floor at 400mm spacing? What size of beam would be sufficient, and what size of fixings (e.g 12" thunderbolts at 12" spacing). I'm concerned if I get the beam wrong that the floor gives way and my living room becomes three foot taller....

    One last problem: the joints of the t&g above rest on the joists, how do I get round this? 2x2 nailed onto the new joists when the old ones are cut out?
  2. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    Would help if we new what the span was.

    Also have the worms got at the wall plate? not worth keeping if they have.

  3. BashOn

    BashOn New Member

    sorry, forgot to mention.

    The span is ~3.3m.

    It doesn't look like the worms have got to the wall plate, I'll take a closer look tonight with some better light, but it sounds and feels quite solid.
  4. BashOn

    BashOn New Member

    Would've thought HandyAndy would have some good suggestions about this?
  5. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    bash, he goes deaf if you request ask him to answer.

    you have to wait for the prima donna to get round to bothering to make a comment.

    the only other way is to wind him up so much that he has to answer

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