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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by lobster1979, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. lobster1979

    lobster1979 New Member

    The treads on the main staircase in my house are very badly worn in the middle (all of them). Rather than replace the entire staircase which i realise will need done in the future as it is over 100 years old, i would like to make a repair to last a few years at least. It has been suggested to me to cut 10mm ply to the same size as the treads, and screw/glue it to the original treads, also to fill the gap in the centre with some kind of filler.
    I know that doing this with a single tread would present a trip hazard, but would doing it with all of them be OK?
  2. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    Don't see a problem doing them all. Obviously you can't do the last (top) tread . probably better using timber & try get timber merchant to bullnose the front , could inject no nails (solvent based) in the gaps.
  3. holtya1

    holtya1 New Member

    forget the no nails for stairs i would use paratan in comes in tubes like silicon and is a gap filling adhesive
  4. lobster1979

    lobster1979 New Member

    Hi, thanks very much for the help. I had been thinking about maybe using gripfill? Looks like its got similar properties to Paratan (gap filling/adhesive), and it's a good bit cheaper. Is it worth paying the extra for Paratan? Thanks again!

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