Worth buying a smaller chop saw?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Jackson88, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Jackson88

    Jackson88 New Member


    I currently have the dewalt 718 (305 blade) which is a great saw but is a bit of a lump to carry all the time.
    I’m going to be fitting a lot of kitchen from now on as I’m taking on a contract and am thinking of buying a small saw maybe the dewalt 778? But all the smaller saws seem to only bevel the one way (apart from bosh?) where I’ve always had the double bevel so not sure how I’ll find that! if anyone recommends any of the smaller saw on the market or have both size saws which do you tend to carry around the most?

    Leaning more towards the dewalt as the 718 is a good saw and already have the dewalt stand but any advice appreciated.

  2. Shytot

    Shytot Active Member

    I bought the DW777 because of the exact reasons you have said . I have the DW708 which has been a brilliant saw and still going strong (must about 20yr old). I mainly use the little saw for 1st fix
  3. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    I have a great double bevel Bosch but like you find it too heavy for smaller jobs so I end up using a Evolution chop saw which I got free with a drill! It is incredibly handy and gives a decent cut and cuts steel which can be useful also.
  4. Jackson88

    Jackson88 New Member

    Yes I do mainly 2nd fix work so ideally would like a smaller saw that bevels both ways,was gonna buy the dewalt 778 as dewalt made a good mitre saw if nothing else!

    Just not sure how I’ll get on with one way bevel after having the double bevel 718 for many years.
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  5. GrahamTaylor

    GrahamTaylor Member

    A few months ago I went through the same dilemma and bought the Festool KS60 as the small take-away saw to use on installations and second fix. Really good and mainly regret not doing it much earlier.
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