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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by wiggy, Jul 17, 2015.

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    Tulipwood isn't that rare, beautiful timber to work with, painted, stained, oiled or varnished it always looks stunning.


    Sage/moss greens gives a really classic finish to wainscoting, & other woodwork, in the right location you get the Wow! factor, add in a white/ off white for window frames,etc really sets it off.
  2. Yep. But one shade oot and it can look hellish :)

    Any idea of a suitable known colour shade (other than silly - ie expensive - Greene make)?
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    Seems to be very few ready mixed moss/ sage green around in eggshell/satin, I need same colour for the bathroom here.
    Looking like I'm going to have to get it mixed at one of the corating centres, ain't going to be cheap.
    The colour of choice at the moment seems to be grey, poked my nose in Wickes, purely on a research bases, surprised many shades of greys available for walls.
  4. Ah, but what shade of moss/sage will you have made up? :)
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    That's the boss's decision, her choice is final, I only slap it on.:D
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