Would we be able to change a Hive Thermostat to Honeywell?

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    We have a Hive Thermostat control for our heating/hot water,
    for a Worcester boiler that we inherited when we moved in 4 months ago.

    We are not a fan of the Hive bulky,heavy,ugly not very user friendly thermostat, I thought i would
    give the Hive some time,as unfamiliar but no i dislike it even more!

    We would prefer to have a Honeywell Thermostat/control panel,that we had at our old address.

    How easy/hard a task would this be for our heating engineer to carry out the work to change over?

    It's not something we could managed to do, we are totally clueless!

    Thanking you in advance.
  2. Teki

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    It is surprising that you want to go back to a traditional programmer, but understandable. It's possible you have an eary Hive and the newer ones are better. Another option is Nest.

    Can you post some photos of the Hive receiver location.
  3. MGW

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    There are a number of ways to control a boiler, on/off, up/down, and with the return water, not all boilers have all the options, and hard wired zone valves with OpenTherm as far as I know only EPH do thermostats which can run as master and slave.

    But there is no good or bad thermostat, each have their pluses and minuses and it depends on the boiler and system which works best.

    Hive has an odd system, the Hive TRV heads can link to the wall thermostat and give it a "demand for heat" and as long as the room with the wall thermostat is below 22 degrees C it will fire up the boiler even if the wall thermostat temperature is satisfied.

    Honeywell with EvoHome take is a step further EVO-home1.jpg you can set the temperature of each room on the main control, most others you need to use your phone or PC TRV_report.jpg 4 of my TRV's can be set with the PC, the other 5 are bluetooth, and still have 5 mechanical types.

    Some thermostats like Nest are really designed for hot air or open plan homes, and don't connect to the TRV heads, but Drayton Wiser, and Tado both have linked TRV heads as well, and EvoHome, Wiser, Tado, and Nest can work with OpenTherm, but Nest and EPH do not connect to TRV's but EPH can connect to hard wired zone valves and two units well up to 10 units can be set as master/slaves to work with OpenTherm.

    Some boilers can only use their own system, if you want to use BUS control, and Hive allows these boilers to work using the return water temperature to modulate the boiler.

    In the main oil boilers don't modulate (turn down and up again rather than on/off) so Hive can work well.

    EvoHome and Wiser the OpenTherm is an add on module, Wiser says can only be used with single channel, but been told it will work with duel channel.

    In the main the main control for central heating is the TRV, but the TRV has a flaw, it can't turn the boiler off/on it can only turn it up/down and when at lowest setting the boiler starts to cycle off/on, some boilers have anti cycle software which reduces this, but in the main some where we need a wall thermostat or hub to tell boiler it can switch off, and of course also on again when required.

    In the main it is a balance between installation cost and how well it can control the heating, I am a real cheap skate and use these EQ-3 Bluetooth Smart Radiator Thermostat.jpg non linked TRV heads top floor and kitchen, at in 2019 £15 each they were a cheap option, really I need to run in some extra wires and dump my Nest Gen 3 and install Hive instead, since have can use linked TRV heads, for me no point in Wiser or EvoHome as I don't have OpenTherm well my boiler does not modulate being oil fired.

    This guide may help, but there are some errors, it says Nest will link to TRV heads, it will not.

    Old Worcester Bosch can not work with modulating thermostats, only the newer models, and they are not OpenTherm, so very likely Hive is one of the better systems with Worcester Bosch boiler.

    MANDY ALBERT New Member

    Thank you for your reply's. Our gas engineer is going to visit shortly. I will mention that i would like this Hive thing removed. Probably have to wait a while,as he is very busy at the moment.
    Weekend just gone, Hive went off line, I had to look in the booklet to confirm how i use the Boiler without the Hive thing.Technology can be a wonderful thing, if you understand it.
    I am at an age, where i like Simplicity a dial or a switch will do for me!

    Regards Mandy

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