Would you tile up to this bath or under

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by MJH, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. MJH

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    Customer has just bought the Melville whirlpool bath from the following website:


    The bath itself is a bit of a monster in terms of eight and size. Firstly has anyone else installed this bath and secondly would you lay this bath on top of the ply and tile up to the bath panel or tile right under and sit the bath on top. There seems to be roughly 5mm gap from the bottom of the panel of which I can lower the adjustable legs. Thanks
  2. bathstyle

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    I would install the Bath at the right height (an allowance needs to be made for the tile and adhesive) and then tile just beyond where the panel will go and then fit the panel once the tiles have been fitted.

    The bath legs will need to have 4" x 2" spanning across the two joists either lengthways along the Bath or widthways across it depending on your joist orientation.
  3. MJH

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    how about putting the bath on the ply, would this help with the weight?
  4. bathstyle

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    It will help to spread the weight a little but some timber across the joists does this better.
  5. MJH

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    Thanks Bathsyle
  6. howabout glueing and screwing knauf aquaboard instead of ply,stronger and the proper job ;)

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