Wren kitchens.

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Fada Mach, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    They are diabolical . Best avoided! Don't hold your breath!
  2. Phlebus

    Phlebus New Member

    We am still waiting for end panels and cupboard doors for a Wren fitted kitchen 6 months after we ordered them. They have promised and failed several times to provide them and are constantly promising to ring back with news and hardly ever do. We were eventually told that the kitchen we have had fitted is no longer in production so chances are they have run out of panels and are waiting until they receive enough orders for panels to justify making another batch. We also discovered that there are several other customers who are in the same position. We are constantly badgering them to little avail. We have even seen a change in shop manager after they handed their notice in and was immediately put on gardening leave. The shop staff are willing but unable to help. As stated in earlier posts, their Customer Service and follow-up is awful. After this experience I would not recommend Wren to anyone.
  3. essex-fitter

    essex-fitter New Member

    I must of been lucky then...

    Just finished fitting a Wren kitchen that a customer had ordered. It arrived exactly at the time they said, on the day they said and was complete.

    There was no damage and it all went in like a dream! Only slight complaint was the some of the overall cabinet sizes, some of the cabinets were 1 to 2mm wider than they should have been, didn't matter on the kitchen i was fitting but if you were fitting lots of these on a long run your measurements would need checking..

    I would consider using them again...don't know how much he paid though so may of got a better deal from Benchmarx, Magnet, etc.
  4. se elect

    se elect New Member

    I,am a electrician who carries out electrical installations for wren kitchens. Previously I have carried out work for both MFI & B & Q. I find wren kitchens  better than both the companies mentioned. I price direct to the customer, ie wren do not take cut, or try to price using kitchen sales people who have little or no knowledge of electrical installations, like at B & Q, or any knowledge of current regs. I can only speak from my own experience with wren which has been good, a good product at a reasonable price so much so that I would buy a kitchen from wren myself.
  5. SRB

    SRB New Member

    You will thank me for this, trade guys, decent hardworking professionals who get paid for fitting kitchens.Do not buy from Wren. You'll be waiting an eternity to get all the parts, the quality, particularly the doors is ****, your customer won't pay etc etc. As I said, you'll thank me for this!
  6. kitchenfitterleeds

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    We fit a wren last month that the cust had ordered her self only problem was the worktops just behind the bullnose was loose in the end we just got 2 new lenths from our supplier
  7. SandMan

    SandMan Guest

    Hi guys, I just wanted to check if your positive thoughts are still the same? I'm looking around for a new kitchen and they were in the short list of places I am considering. Thanks.
  8. SandMan

    SandMan Guest

    No one with any thoughts?
  9. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

  10. Max09

    Max09 New Member

    Really nice talking about wren kitchen and also really nice above comments, guys, i also want to say something about wren kitchen, not really lengthy tale brief because your tale is incorrect. The creator of wren possessed hygena and marketed it to mfl decades and decades ago. The creator of wren never had his handy in the mfl pie. I think you will discover that homebase argos have now purchased the hygena variety. etc...

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  11. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    handy in the pie?????? :eek:
  12. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Whatever you're taking Max I'll have some!
  13. royz

    royz New Member

    We just finished fitting a Wren kitchen, It was delivered on time and very well packed , We employed a fitter (recommend to us) he said the the units were very good quality . We had to order three more parts that were missed off original order , all arrived as promised on delivery dates.

    I speak as I find and would recommend them (Bristol branch)

  14. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Certainly fills me with confidence Roy. Miss 3 items off the original order (poor, very poor )
  15. snezza31

    snezza31 New Member

    As JJ said, I'm full of confidence regarding Wren Kitchens now.......!!!!!!!??????
  16. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    Keep well clear of Wren. They are possibly worse than MFI.
  17. royz

    royz New Member

    To be fair the bits missed off the original order were end panels and our mistake. I was just making the point that all the deliveries turned up on time. But hey Im a one off customer so what do I know , as I said speak as I find.
  18. Wren

    Wren New Member

    In responce to fat tony I think you've hit the nail on the head. Malcolm Healy set Hygena up and having sold it for a rather large amount. He then did the same in America where he met Armando who was a police officer at the time (if you look in any Wren store you'll find his details by the door) who is now the Managing Director. If you want to know why they have so many problems it's because the guy you meet in the store has to do everything from greeting you, planning, pricing, surveying, ordering everything, organising the fitter, telling you which bits won't be coming, customer service, answering the phones and all the associated paperwork. Then if anything is missing good luck because the only person who can order the missing bits is the store manager who if you can track down (granted not all are as the one we had) may actually order them the first time. They have also stopped doing rigid backs in a cost cutting exercise (the ones in the showroom are not the ones you'll get). Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying from Wren.
  19. leeboy53

    leeboy53 New Member

    Just had to let people know what a Fantastic job Wren's Basildon store is doing !!!!

    I arranged an appointment to have our Kitchen measured & was very happy with the service ( Nice one Collin), That was until this evenings design session in-store organised on the same day. I needed to change the original time-slot due to working shifts & this was all confirmed over the phone for 6pm today. I then swapped my shift for a ridiculously early one ( 2:45 Alarm call!) to make the new appointment. All was set.

    Once we arrived the pantomime started. We had our appointment incorrectly in the book for Saturday morning & our 6pm slot was given away. After the designer who booked confirmed the changes gave excuse after half hearted excuse we decided to leave.

    If these people can't organise a 1/2 empty diary, then what is in store for the poor customer when Gill actually gets her claws into them & 'professionally' designs their dream Kitchen?

    We are now off to Benchmarx on Monday as they seem to be more on the ball.

  20. BigRonHet62

    BigRonHet62 New Member

    I had no problems at all with the delivery and quality of the Wren Kitchen Cabinets. Everything was in one delivery and on time. My problems started with the Viceroy appliances that Wren heavily promote. The brand new Viceroy fridge / freezer was switched on and three hours later was still reading 17c at max temp setting (it was colder in the kitchen than it was inside the fridge / freezer). We eventually had that replaced with a Hotpoint fridge which is far far superior. Three months later the Viceroy dishwasher began stopping mid cycle and became unuseable. We rang the Viceroy Warranty telephone number and arranged for an engineer to call. He wasn't able to pinpoint the fault but said he would order and replace the main programme card. Four weeks later and Wren haven't even got the report (so they say) and presumably no card has been ordered. They seem to be extremely hopeless in after sales service. I have been passed from pillar to post over the last few weeks. I would not recommend any Viceroy products based upon my experience. We previously had a Howdens kitchen / appliances and after 9 years none of the appliances had failed.

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