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    We purchased a kitchen from Wren (customer) and strongly disagree with the comments being made. We had only  one issue and found the kitchen to be of a high quality at a fantastic price and can assure it was no MFI kitchen as stated we had one of them years ago in our last house and were glad to get rid. We also had one of Wrens recommended kitchen fitters (David Kerr) install the kitchen and have to say his attention to detail made our kitchen what it is a fantastic looking quality kitchen. I work in a customer service business and have to say the we are now a society of people who complain for any reason, but do not complement when we get a good product or service. So for the first time ever I am writing to recommend Wren (Glasgow) to anyone who reads this, we had a minor problem to which the new store Manger Richard Lunn immediately responded to our complaint and actioned a solution to our problem. It is all about people dealing with people and customer service which as a customers we had no complaints and would recommend Wren kitchens to anyone.    
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    Hi BigRonHet62: Please would you let me know Viceroy's warranty telephone number? I bought an ex-display Viceroy cooker extractor that upon installation does not work but was not given any documentation from Wren Kitchens. Thanks.
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    We have fitted for Wren.
    Most of the designers openly admit to only designing for a few weeks, its evident when you fit or try to it them. They are sales people only interested in deposits and sales, they will tell you so much which comes under supplementary fitting charges is included, get it in writing

    The client pays around 2.5 times what the fitting firm gets and we are advised to charge extras for many things...issue is client has already paid more to wren for fitting than they would elsewhere.

    We have had not 1 single kitchen delivered complete or without issue, often the plans are wrong or dont show all the info so you miss out decor ends etc and end up taking out what youve put In when the client gets home and tells you what they had agreed.

    By far the worse at customer service and responding to emails etc

    As fitters we dont get paid until kitchen finished. Issue is it takes months not weeks for missing parts to arrive.

    if you are considering fitting for Wren I would seriously think twice.
    if you are buying a kitchen I say this...the product is good and the designs modern but seriously good luck

    this is an honest post that I can back up with factual evidence if Wren want to take issue with anything ive written
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    No way is a toaster oven a substitute for a microwave oven. NO WAY.

    My microwave oven toasts, boils, broils, simmers, sears, roasts, smokes, boils, poaches, steams, stews and something else. Oh yeah, microwaves.

    Why would you come on here and try and postulate such absurdities? Why? What's wrong with you, man? And on a thread for Wren kitchens - what have they ever done to you? Are you a dissatisfied customer, perchance?

    You much be hurtin', man.

    Get help. Quick.
  5. sue Webb

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    I been reading your comments with interest,the good and the bad, but to be honest it doesn't Matter if you spend £8k on a kitchen at Wren or £50k with a company who builds bespoke kitchens, you will probably run into problems with either. We brought a kitchen 14 years ago with a small company in Southend on sea and paid a fair bit for it, and in the end there were so many cock ups I had to project manage myself and sack the designer. The kitchen still looks beautiful to this day but it was painful getting it installed. My step brother just put in a state of the art kitchen into his house, paying an arm and a leg for it and the carcasses turned up in the wrong colour with no glass splash backs. He had no kitchen for 6 weeks while they rebuilt his cabinets from scratch and this was a so-called high quality kitchen. This is the risk we take making a major purchase with dozens of parts and components. If there is good customer service at a particular store then any problems should get resolved pretty quickly, I know this because I have worked in the retail sector for many years and have always worked hard to sort out customer issues, I know some managers don't unfortunately...I'm just glad that I persevered with my kitchen as I'm still not fed up with it now, even after all these years. Good luck with your purchases.
  6. Matt B

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    One thing I have found out that is to avoid taking in the comments that read like a SUN newspaper headline. I have seen too many " ****! Don't buy! They're rubbish!" Other than the headline there is no explaination why or any substance to their claim. I haven't found any " Great! Wonderful! Would recommend!" Headlines at all. Another is the misinformation that they're MFI so they must be **** , so glad that people with better facts have replied to this. If you are going to buy a kitchen go to as many outlets as you can stomach! Get the information from the source than go with what you're gut tells you. Then read these forums after and realise that whoever you go with it depends on the People you have had to deal with , not the company . If you are the inpatient sort you will find the advice or help from others totally different to someone who has endless patience! All companies will screw up at some time or another it's a fact of life , it's how you as a person deals with the problem!
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    Hi All, I'm in the process of fitting a Wren Kitchen this week. I found the quality very poor. I don't care who owned who and where they are. I just think the designers are just in it for sales - one designer moved our exterior wall 100mm so a cupboard would fit! They are great on the surface but they have no QC to speak of - joints bursted, laminate chipped. no hole for legs, you know just the silly little things that spoil; what is hyped to be the best I could afford. The best tip I can offer is get everything in writing. we did and we get extra free worktops from them as they made the mistake. Just saying "buyer beware"
  8. metrokitchens

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    Wren are fine for the price you pay. I have fitted quite a few and yes there are always little things not quite right and the quality of paint finish leaves room for improvement. But remember that they do not cost much more than Ikea kitchens. :eek:

    Or pay a bit more for Wickes / B&Q and still have a few niggles.

    Or pay a lot more for an independent studio and still have a few niggles but get told how wonderful your home is and given a glass of champagne when you pay the final balance!
  9. Jackoftrades

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    Probably the biggest problem with all kitchen suppliers is the builders, plasterers and decorators?

    The walls are never exactly the size you want, or square, or 90degree corners, etc etc.

    Bloody builders :rolleyes:
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    Me too, I'm just about finished fitting a Wren kitchen. Units are fairly standard. (one was actually out of square, measured across the diagonals, but managed to square it up) Didn't notice a fault with the front edge on the worktop until the green plastic coating was taken off (too late now as this is a 4.1m length and has a right angle jointed worktop done and sink and hob cut out. Tis only a minor fault and not that noticeable, but I know it's there ) Plans are only printed on an A4 sheet, but instead of covering the sheet, it's about half the size of it (poor in my estimation) Your comment about the kitchen design software extending walls,,, I've seen this before at Wickes. The operator drags and drops standard sized kitchen units on to a run. If one won't fit by say 50mm or so, the software automatically extends the bloody wall, instead of flagging it up that that unit won't fit. This is poor software design. Magnet are actually no better.. A Magnet kitchen I fitted some years ago had a wall unit run interrupted by the space above a hob. I set out the wall units according to the plan, only to find that the "flying shelf" above the wall units, wasn't long enough to reach between them. (a space of about 800mm and a clad on end panel 720mm in length supplied to make the flying shelf out of)

    At last Jack,,, something we can both agree on. Corners are rarely square, walls are rarely plumb and floors are rarely level. ;);)

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