WWwwaaaaaaaaaa - I wanna kill google.

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Satan's Counsel, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Gmail has changed a wee bit. It has a different log-in screen, which is all ok and a'.

    BUT, when I click to go to 'gmail' from my Google homepage, it always takes me to this gawd-forsaken 'help/info' page first. Every single darned time. This 'un: https://mail.google.com/intl/en/mail/help/about.html

    Just as annoying, whenever I fire up t'Fox, I get a blue banner along the top - again every single time. Regardless of how often I click "Ok, got it", or 'X'.

    (The banner with this:
    "Hi there. Our new Terms of Service update how we display your information in content & ads.
    Learn more Got it")

    How the? What the? Why the?

  2. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    Firefox, there's your problem - try Chrome ......... you won't go back

    I also have a Gmail account, and get none of the above
  3. I'm thinking this is what I'll have to do.

    I hate changing, tho' - once I get used to a system, I want it to stay! Forever... :(

    (Also, my suspicions are that it's a Google way of making other browsers less welcoming.)
  4. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

  5. Thanks Teabreak.

    That link didn't help, unfortunately.

    I did start a thread on this on the Google forum, and an experienced cove has been trying to help. To no avail so far.

    Another fellow joined in to say he was having the same problem and suggested ditching Google and using another search engine.

    Darned fine idea.

    Meanwhile, I had changed over to Chrome in the hope it would solve everything. Maaan, I really don't like it. Ok, I am used to Firefox, and hate change, but still...

    AND, I still had problems logging in and out of my Gmail accounts. (Once logged in to my main 'Google' account, logging back out to go to my other accounts didn't work - as only the first showed up each time and I couldn't get rid of it so's to load the others.


    So, I tried what the other cove said - I went back to Firefox (aaaah! :)) and tried 'Bing' instead of Google.

    Good news - Getting in and out of Gmail is now peasy-easy.

    Not so good news - I quite like Bing, but it has its OWN gawdarned banner issues with a huge prompt along the top to 'Challenge' me to 'test Bing against other browsers'. And it keeps coming back!

    NNNNnooooooooooooooooo :eek:

    AND, it has a list of 'prompts' to sites along the bottom. You can get rid of this by clicking the 'full screen' icon, but it IMMEDIATELY returns as soon as you click in the search box! Grrrrr.

    If I could (a) get rid of Bing's 'challenge' banner and the rubbish along the bottom of the screen, and also be able to stick the 'wallpaper' at my choice of piccie (some nice ones...), I think I'd be happy.

    Any Bing experts here?!
  6. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    Sorry I couldn't help:(
    Now I do find Zinsser Bullseye 123 solves lots of problems, In this case two coats painted in two strips along the top and the bottom of the computer screen will completly oblitrate your banner and prompts:):)
  7. Mr. Handyandy

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    In IE, you might find those Bing extras listed as 'Accelerators', in 'Manage Add-ons'. In which case you'd disable them.

    I don't have a clue about Firefox, but that may help you!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  8. Cheers.

    I have since found a version of Bing which just has a plain grey background. I can't believe it's come to this...:(

    I have also been recommended DuckDuckGo Plus.

    Gotta be worth a try with a name like that...

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