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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by poolethetool, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. poolethetool

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    just bought a ready built 8 way wylex cu with 100A /30 mA RCD with 2X6 A 1X16 A 3 X 32 MCBs does this not exceed the rating of the RCD? or is one of the 32 MCBs spare?
  2. GrahamB

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    Diversity Factor!
  3. lensman

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    Diversity Factor!

    To amplify a bit: "diversity factor" is basically way of quantifying the gamble that the whole system is extremely unlikely to be used at full capacity for long enough to blow the protective devices. It doesn't say that it's not possible, just that it is sufficiently unlikely in normal use that you can ignore it.

    In your case, diversity assumes that (simplying the exact values) with 8 ways, they would only ever operate simultaneously at 2/3 capacity each so the total maximum load you need to cope with is 2*124/3 = 83A. Hence 100A switch is allowable.

    See IEE guidelines for the exact factors to apply to each of the circuits in your house - it varies with what's going to be connected to them.

    Note that if you ever reached 100A current then you'd have 25kW of heaters in the house, so you'd know about it pretty soon.
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    Cheers Lensman

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