XP taking a long time to load.

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by devil's advocate, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member


    Windows XP seems to be taking an age to load up these days.

    In particular, it's when the black screen with the Windows logo in the middle and the small sideways-scrolling blue loading bar underneath is on - ie: just before the blue 'logon' screen appears. I timed it just now and that screen sat there for 1 minute and 24 seconds, with little indciation that anything was happening (the hard drive light would flicker now and then, but that's about it).

    Is this normal? I'm sure it used to be much faster, but don't know what could have changed things. I use CCleaner regularly, which shifts lots of unwanted stuff, and also defrag'd some time ago (tho' it told me it wasn't really necessary...)

    Any ideas?

  2. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Hi D A , have a look on the engineers forum at a topic by ram about XP and how to stop programmes running on startup. It could be you have too many running in the background.

    John B
  3. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Hi John.

    Thanks - will do :)

    (Funnily enough, I did see that thread a little while ago, but it didn't cross my hapless mind it could be useful this way :()

    MOONSHINE New Member

    Most of the programmes don’t load until you sign in. It might just be the hard drive running slow?

    Don't download any freeware.
    Go to START at the bottom click then click RUN type misconfig then OK go to the top right startup what is checked is starting up at login & if you type whats at the start like cAPP etc in a search engine you can find out what the programme is used for & if you need it at startup Or not. antivirus firewall etc need to run at start up. Uncheck what you don’t want exit. When you reboot you will get a message check the box to not show again. You should scan for viruses in safe mode & defrag in safe mode.
  5. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Cheers again, MOONSHINE.

    "Don't download any freeware." I downloaded CCleaner after your recommendation on another thread :)

    I'll try what you suggest - scarey tho :(
  6. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Don't take any notice of MOONSHINE(don't download any freeware).

    Freeware is no more dangerous than any other stuff.

    A lot of the time freeware is an introduction to a shareware product from the same people. Do you think they are going to entice you to buy thier other products, if they give you rubbish freeware ?

    It's more important WHERE you get your freeware from. There are many dedicated sites that offer freeware, and a lot of them checkout the stuff they host, for their own reputation integrity.

    Could be a problem with System Restore. You will have heard of it even if you have never used it.

    It takes a snapshot of the system configuration at various points and stores them, in case you ever need to 'restore' the computer back to a certain time.

    Depending on the amount of space you have allocated to System Restore, it can get full with restore points, and it can slow down the boot sequence because it has to double check what it can remove to make space for more 'snapshots'.

    It is not recommended to disable system restore, but if you are confident that you do not need any restore points at the moment, it can be done.

    It is done by disabling system restore, restarting, then re-enabling it.

    That destroys all restore points, so you have to be sure you won't need a restore point right now.

    This is just a suggestion, and if you are unsure, get more info from somewhere like microsoft.

    The way to reach it is System properties(shortcut=windowslogo+pause/break)/performance/file system/troubleshooting.

    As I said, and as the computer will warn you, it is for experienced operators only, so if you need more info, get it first.

    Mr. HandyAndy - really
  7. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Cheers Mr Ha.

    I have tried to use system restore in the past, when my pooter was playing up, but it didn't help.

    Pooter has started behaving ok since then, tho'.

    I'll investigate further - I'm not that clued up about delving into the 'darker' side of computers, so will tred carefully. Thanks.
  8. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Oh, is 1 min and 24 seconds a long time with the black screen/windoows log/scrolling blue loading bar - do you know what stage I'm referring to?

    I'm sure the pooter used to be pretty quick at starting up before - but maybe I'm chust confused.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    Cooffee break for me I thinks.

    Mine takes 30 seconds from black to blue log in.

    CCLEANER was tried & tested by myself for 2 months before recommending it I also tested AVG free antivirus on my second com tried deleting & re installing both worked fine & cleaner was tested for changes in the registry. When prompt always back up. Ccleaner also states free of spy ware & I tested this out & it was ok. If you don't have windows defender download it this will secure you from most spy ware.

    I tested out a link handy gave to me about start up programmes & it stopped a couple that I needed also when I deleted it from the add & remove programme & rebooted it was still on my system so I used Go back to restore my computer.

    Many freeware like spybot etc is very hard to get rid of on your computer some programmes change your registry. I downloaded spybot tested it out for a few days then deleted it what did I get? Era messages. LIMEWIRE is a free per to per that I tested & it got rid of my Norton protected recycle bin so I couldn’t replace lost files it also took off my goback revert times so I had to re install Norton system works.

    Do a search & type something like problems with spybot & see how many people are having problems with this type of freeware.
  10. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member


    30s? You b'stard!

    I'm happy with CCleaner - amazing the amount of carp it removes - so thanks for the link a few weeks ago. I also have AVG antivirus - all the reports I've read about it are good.

    So, what could be slowing down my bootup? The pooter seems to be ok in every other respect.

    I did a little playing around with TweakXP - half of which I didn't understand :(

    I've also checked the System Restore thingy as suggested by Mr Ha. It's set at Max 12% 8700MB (D: ) and Max 12% 458MB (C:MV Rescue). The MV (MirrorVision) rescue is something that came on the pooter (a MultiVision - now defunct - machine), and is anopther typew of back-up device that spilts the hard-drive and keeps my thingies backed-up.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    First I will tell you how to reconfigure ccleaner

    Open ccleaner if you don’t want to empty recycle bin every time uncheck it.
    Make sure Old Prefetch data is unchecked.
    Then click on Applications at the top if you have Sun Java checked you can uncheck it & clean occasionally.
    Go to Options Uncheck the 4 boxes then Advanced uncheck the 3 boxes from the top.
    You should have the latest ccleaner V1.36.430

    I will continue checking see if we can get you up & running. The only thing that might of slowed you down from above is the Old Prefetch Data.

    MOONSHINE New Member


    MOONSHINE New Member

    Handy says don't take no notice of me lol.
  14. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    This is one instance of a free programme going


    I'll give you that one.

    But, it can happen to paid-for programmes just as much, and a lot of the time, it can be because of the way your own computer is set up to manage things.

    That said, please tell me the problem you are having with any link that I gave you to a program, because no programme I have recommended to you or anyone does the things that you are saying.

    If it was EnditAll, you are supposed to configure the programme by choosing which applications to close and which not to.

    It will not close applications that you have 'protected'.

    On the Add/remove front, you have to remember that an uninstall program will only uninstall what it has installed, and that includes where it installed it to.

    If the program gets moved from where it was installed to, the uninstall programme CANNOT uninstall it, because it is only authorised to uninstall what it installed in the first place.

    Another point, you said you tried to delete it from Add/Remove. You don't delete from there, you uninstall.
    If you got the option to delete, it is an indication that it could not find the uninstall file(which may have been moved from where it was installed).

    Just trying to help. I have used EnditAll for a couple of years now, no problems whatsoever.

    I use it before attempting cd/dvd copying/making. It closes everything running except Systray and explorer which I asked it to do.

    As I said before, System Resources jump from about 56% to 85% free with 2 clicks.

    'Course if you open a program, the click 'EnditAll', it's gonna close the program you have just opened(unless you tell it not to. Aha ?

    Mr. HandyAndy - really
  15. -chippy_john

    -chippy_john New Member

    That's a fairly old link about an older version of Spybot 1.3,(the date is at the bottom of the page). The current version 1.4 is fine.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    I am not making this a 500 page topic. When you uninstall any programme you leave lots in the registry. The only way to fully uninstall is to go in the registry & hunt for whats left.

    MOONSHINE New Member


    MOONSHINE New Member


    I will not post no more. I have been running coms for 7 years now & like my com to run smooth the more free programmes you download especially spyware detectors they will change registry values & what else I don't know. The only free spyware programme I would use is Adaware. I use Norton System works & Norton firewall & also windows defender.
    If you want to use freeware go ahead. this is my opinion that's all.

    MOONSHINE New Member

    & yes Handy it can happen to paid programmes like my system works was ****** up by LIMEWIRE. It's called programme compatibility & the more junk you put on your com the more chance you have of ******* things up.
  20. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member


    I take on board what both you goodself and Mr Ha are saying. I'm not one for downloading freeware willy-nilly (always wanted to use that term...); I chust have AdAware, AVG Antivirus, CCleaner and a couple more from discs with PC mags. Oh, and a few kiddie's games :( (from reputable sources, before you ask! - mainly Real Arcade)

    I did a google on slow XP startup, and most refer to possible registry problems This is a murky area for me, so wouldn't know where to start (most go on to suggest using their fixing software too, of course, but I've yet to be tempted...)

    Can you suggest any software that could check my registry, and help me fix it if nec?

    Oh, I've disabled most of the startup progs, but this made no difference to the startup time - still around 1.5 minutes.

    Your previous post on reconfiguring CCleaner - I'm afraid I don't understand what 'Prefetch dada' is, and how is could be causing probs. Er, help?

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