yellow and pitted grout

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by wertyui, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. wertyui

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    I cleaned/scrubbed some white grout with a solution of bleach and water. The solution was left in place for a day, then washed down. The grout is now pitted and, in some places, yellow.
    As a matter of interest, i also attempted to clean some mould on the silicone tub seal with the same solution - no luck there either - the mould remains.
    What now?
  2. Steve Yorks

    Steve Yorks New Member

    Next step: start afresh - regrout and resilicone.
  3. bath master

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    If the grout has gone black as well as the silicone you need ventilation ie extractor. Clean mould with a proper mould remove then as above. Try Bal microflex grout and use there silicone. You do get what you pay for with silicone.
  4. wertyui

    wertyui New Member

    Thanks guys, you are dead right, i'll have to re-grout and silicone, and use the ext. fan which i disabled due to its noise and lack of effect - it's a tiny, cheap type ducting 12ft to outside. Any recom's for a replacement ext? (can't be in-line)
  5. tic tic

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    try posting in the sparks forum for;)
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  7. Useless 1

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    I agree with the comments about getting what you pay for in terms of silicone. I've just re-siliconed in my shower after black mould started appearing after about 7 months (builders silicone, not mine!)

    Dow corning are a good solid brand. There are more expensive ones available but I cant vouch for these being value for money.

    If your going to remove the silicone I would advise employing the use of removal agent. You can pick them up from screwfix along with your silicone. I can readily recommend screwfix's own silicone removal agent. It's the 'no-nonense' stuff. The other branded remover has not really won me over when Ive used it. Be prepared to work at it though. Make sure you have a few blades (to remove the worst of it first) and a selection of cloths from soft to rough to get the rest up. A toothbrush can prove invaluable here also. Pick up a few cheap stiff bristled ones next time your at the supermarket. They're gems!

    Good luck!

    Useless (but always improving!)

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