Yellow gas flames.....

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by dave 4567, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. dave 4567

    dave 4567 New Member

    The cooker in my new house has very yellow gas flames, is this normal or can it be an indication of a problem?


  2. Is probably a problem, could just be dirty burners, or at worse rusted through burner supply tubes.
  3. DB

    DB New Member

    Could be a problem - flame should be blue.

    Make sure the 'ring' is clean. Take it off and clear out all the litte slots so air can mix more freely with the gas coming out of the jet.
  4. Jason123

    Jason123 New Member

    Some cleaning products could affect it, and air freshener etc will have a temporary effect, this is from the droplets in the air, please dont anyone start spraying aerosols on the lit hob
  5. Bertsboy

    Bertsboy New Member

    You do not mention if the flame is floppy or keen.If it is floppy with no visible cones whatsoever then you have a problem and I would advise you not to use the burner(s) until the problem is rectified

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