Yes, we all think that IS just who you are.

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  1. I'm sure you've all seen this amazing racist rant by this Trump-supporting lawyer?

    The reaction by the 'spanish-speaking folk' was terrific - they hit his home with a mariachi band :D

    The guy does what all such pitiful folk do in such circumstances and releases a patently deceitful apology by Twitter claiming it's not the real him, not 'who he is', "I am not a racist...":
    Dd0B97zU0AElG7i.jpg .

    Hmm, the evidence suggests otherwise (I understand he was with the u-s' favourite Milo at the Orthodox Jewish demonstration here...):

    Why does that guy's behaviour remind me of some folk on here?
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    Yep, this has everything to do with the result of our referendum DA. I'm absolutely sure this has deeply affected your life. (or could this be yet another attempt at DA stirring the big wooden spoon again?)
  3. Isitreally

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    We all do think his outburst was totally uncalled for.

    What is in doubt though is your reference to it on here.?
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  5. Oh dear - a bit sensitive, JJ.

    It's just funny, that's all. The dignified reaction of the hispanics. And the utter bigotry and dishonesty of the guy - and the sublime way it came back to bite him.

    Oh, and the way Trump in the USA and Brexit over here has made some people think that they can say what's inside their heads.

    No, they cannot.

    'Excrement'. 'Swarm'.
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  6. Not Spaniards, exactly, no. I can't imagine you are that finessed.

    Ah! The Filly 'Jew' reference? This is always a good one... IIR, do you have any more spine than Filly? Are you going to say what's on your mind?

    I didn't think so, 'cos you know it's cobbles.
  7. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    So the references you made towards Jews are still here for all to see then.

    Thought not.

    That and your weeks holiday explains all we need to know as to who thinks you are not a fan of said people.
  8. Soz, IIR - I hadn't realised you'd 'replied' to this thread again.

    Does 'truth' mean anything to you? Is it important in any way? Honesty? Facts?

    Yes? Coool.

    Ok then, all you need to do is repost these 'references to Jews' I have made and indicate how they were anything other than fair and reasoned comment.

    You are trying to imply otherwise in your typical u-s way (ie cowardly and dishonestly and Trumply), but you can PROVE your insinuation by simply finding and reposting what it was I said that irks you.

    While you are engaging with this new-found flush of honesty and self-awareness, also tell us the reason why I was banned. Again you try to insinuate without backing it up. (Yuck, what slimy behaviour - shiver ).

    That is all you have to do, IIR - be honest.

    I cannae wait for your honest reply.
  9. Isitreally

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    Your Honour may i bring in witness no 1, the remover of said posts SF Pete to explain why the said posts were removed, as you seem unable to understand your own bigotry towards certain people.
  10. btiw2

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    We ALL think that?

    I don’t.

    I think the suggestion that JJ, IIR, facs, Filly, longs et al would rant and call the authorities because someone is speaking a language other than English is preposterous.

    You’re just trolling now, aren’t you DA? Which is fine - I wouldn’t want to get in the way of you and your hobby.

    We could probably have a conversation about people who isolate and disadvantage themselves because they can’t speak English, but that wasn’t the case with the nutty yank in your video.

    I wonder how he thought a call to ICE would have gone. “Hello, I’d like to report someone for speaking Spanish. Yes, a rapid response SWAT team will be fine, and bring hazmat gear as some of them might smell of foreign food”.

    I don’t understand why people like that are such sensitive souls. Perhaps “make America solely Caucasian and Republican again” would give that hysterical girly-man a more fitting acronym.

    Ooo, a question! Is the answer... because you tend to think the worst of people?

    But maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps you have evidence that IIR or Facs want to ban all use of foreign languages in the U.K.

    Links or GTFO.
  11. The only post of mine that SFPete deleted was when I was honestly rude to Dobbie. Fair do's - that broke the forum rules.

    My references to some Orthodox Jews sitting on the Palestinian border watching bulldozers doing their work whilst chanting the land was given to them by God was not deleted - at least not because of my content which was purely factual.

    I gather from your reply that you are not going to be more honest.

    As always you can prove me wrong my reposting the offending comments I supposedly made (oops, saved you the bother). And you can similarly prove me wrong by telling us in words the 'real' reason why I was banned.

    Neither of these things will - or can - happen because you know you are telling fibs. Pure insinuation. And btiw2 thinks it's wrong of me to feel ill-disposed towards folk like you. Wow.
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  12. We ALL think that?

    I don’t.

    A bit sensitive there, btiw2 - where have you been? I'll try and amend my subject headings in future to be less inclusive. Interesting that you don't think the guy is blatantly racist, tho'; what exactly would it take for you to think otherwise? (Have you seen his earlier video rants? There's a bit of a theme going on).

    Ooo, a question! Is the answer... because you tend to think the worst of people? Really? The worst? What a silly and over-sensitive thing to say, btiw2 - you know as well as anyone on here that that is nonsense. What I think of some folk on here is based on what they say. And their deviousness. And dishonesty. And how they insinuate. So I think some folk on here are bigoted, devious and dishonest. It's really very simple.

    But maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps you have evidence that IIR or Facs want to ban all use of foreign languages in the U.K.

    Links or GTFO. Did I mention IIR or Facs? Did I mention 'swarm' or 'excrement'? Welcome back, btiw2, trying to make a point as always, but if you've missed the point then why don't you GTFO?
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  13. Isitreally

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    I wasn't talking about Jews watching bulldozers and you well know that.

    I was more referring to your totally rude and dismissive attack on their general appearance you racist thug.
  14. I honestly don't know what you are talking about.

    'racist thug'? Wow... super-diversion placards in place. :rolleyes:
  15. Oh! You mean I remarked on their chosen orthodox appearance? The hair ringlets and top-hats?!

    Like, well, d'uh!

    That's what they choose to look like! And I have made it completely clear - as you well know - that I treat each and every individual on this planet as equals, and I would treat every single orth-Jew I meet with complete respect as is their due (snigger). Until any human proves themselves otherwise, and I mean that upwardski and downwardski. I love to find folk to respect, and that respect is almost always given for their decency and humanity and reason. And vicky-verka.

    As you well know.

    If you are cool, you can dress any way you like; I'll love you as a fellow human-being.

    You want to be an orthodox anything? That's cool, completely fine with that. No prob, man. As long as you are cool and reasonable. Hang on - some of you want to persecute a people who have been living on their land for countless hundreds of years, and physically & brutally drive them off that land and raze their homes to the ground because a fictional book told you it was really your land? Um, soz, I do have a problem with that.

    The ultra-orthodox Jews in that video clip with our fav NY attorney - where he ranted against them, I understand, as they were protesting against the Israeli government for their persecution of Palestinians - would have my full support and respect. Top hats and al'.

    You ejit!

    (But you are not an ejit, are you IIR? You know exactly the lies you are peddling. Diversion tactics, which ain't going to work.)

    Is there anything here you are still struggling with, IIR? Happy to clarify further if needed.
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  16. BTIW2, sorry.

    You must have been drunk? Again?

    Blind something at least.
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  17. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    No need to apologise. But, no. Stone cold.

    Whatever man. I think what you’re doing is trolling, stirring, fomenting, being a ....

    Probably best I take your advice for a while though, because I sure can’t take your poison.
  18. That's really disappointing, man - shattering even.

    Let's get this straight - I posted a video of a wasp having a rant about Hispanics speaking Spanish to each other, claims he pays for their welfare, and threatens to call the ICE. Hispanics react by bombarding him with music - come on, that was hilarious! He posts an 'apology' which is clearly as phony as Trump in it's honesty and sincerity. Older video clips appear of him ranting at ultra-orthodox Jews protesting in defence of Palestinians (as I understand), and another of him referring to someone he had an altercation with on the street - an American-born citizen - as being "an ugly ****** foreigner" before - again - threatening to call the ICE, and you "don't" think he's racist?

    Ok. I really don't know what to say.

    Why did I start this thread? Because it was topical and a beautiful and hilarious example of Karma.

    Why did I add 'reminds me of some on here'? Because I couldn't resist :). Because I do love to make a point :). And because one u-s recently referred to immigrants as 'excrement' (no, it wasn't IIR or Filly).

    So, I highlighted blatant racism both in the outside world and on this forum, and I'm spilling 'poison'?

    I was really - honestly, truly - hoping you'd sober up, btiw2, but you say no sobriety is required?

    Well, I guess I'd better GTFO then.
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  20. Isitreally

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    You know, when your own turn on you, you have lost.

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