Your Opinion On Floor Colouring Would Be Appreciated.

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by hjm218, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. hjm218

    hjm218 New Member

    Hi all,

    Would you kindly give me your opinion on kitchen
    colour combinations ? We're trying to choose
    colours which will appeal to potential buyers so
    your help would be appreciated.

    We're trying to sell our house, and at the moment
    we're updating our kitchen (which was 20 old ) in
    order to attract buyers.

    So far we've put in Maple coloured cabinets and
    black labrador worktops....

    What colour flooring would look the best ?....
    Should we stick to a light shade similar to Maple,
    or should we choose something very dark in contrast
    with the cabinets similar to the black worktops?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Catch22

    Catch22 New Member

    Why don't you go on one of the free kitchen planners (B&Q) where you can swap and change the worktops/cabinets/flooring/wall decor, etc and you see which will look the most appealing!
    Only takes 10 minutes to plan the kitchen on B&Q's software, worth trying!

  3. SDSMax

    SDSMax New Member

    go the middle road on your flooring, not sure what type of materials you're planning to use but choose a shade slightly darker than your maple cabinets, I would advise not to go for a very dark coloured floor.
  4. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    Go for a similar tone to your units if it's a small room otherwise with dark tops and dark floors it sandwiches the light colour and cinches it in - imagine a large lady wearing cream with a black neck scarf and a brown favours, it's the same principal. If you have light floors and light units it lengthens the look and makes the room feel more spacious.
    If you have lots of space then a dark colour is easier to get away with but if you have too much height in the room be careful to bring down the room height with accessories/pictures etc.
  5. SDSMax

    SDSMax New Member

    bad idea!!, a maple coloured floor will be too light, it will look awful! that's why I advised on a shade slightly darker than the units (but only slightly!).
  6. hjm218

    hjm218 New Member

    Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

  7. Jonny Round Boy

    Jonny Round Boy New Member

    Just fitted a kitchen & flooring for a client. The units were cherry, and I was halfway through fitting when they bought oak flooring. I thought it would look awful, but actually once fitted it goes really well! You never can tell (well, I can't, obviously :) ).
  8. Punda

    Punda New Member

    Generally wood goes with wood

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