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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by DIY womble, May 11, 2018.

  1. DIY womble

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    Whichever party you choose my advise to you is to find out if your chosen candidate is appearing on any select committee as a committee member ( Parliament channel or online) and just familiarise yourself with their behavior , you wouldn't like the way they talk to people who are called to appear and questioned and would be worried about their judgment if given more power
  2. I have to say that I tend to be impressed by these select committees - the handle these MPs have on the often very complex issues and their tenacity at getting at the facts. I think it often demonstrates the high calibre of many MPs, and certainly that they are not 'all the same'.

    Yes, they can be very blunt at times, but usually - as far as I have seen - when it's deserved.
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    I somewhat agree, but I think womble is just asking people to look at their mp’s record. and Hansard are good resources to track them.
  4. DIY womble

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    Yes wasn't saying all bad , but when getting to the facts some clearly disgrace themselves , it gives you a better view of how they go about their business , some are very impressive
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    Agreed, some are very impressive, equally there have been many mp's who are clearly not qualified for that sort of thing and have quite frankly made fools of themselves.
    The top MP in that role...Frank Field without a doubt, he doesn't believe in taking prisoners.
  6. Was it at the recent Senate hearing that Zuckerberg was asked with genuine curiosity how Facebook made its money. Mark couldn't believe he was being asked such a basic question, pulled himself together and managed to answer, suppressing a smirk, 'advertising!'.

    Methinks some of them Senators may have been slightly out of their depth.

    (PS - if 'Zuckerberg' is highlighted by your spellchecker as an unknown word, do NOT under any circumstances right-click on it to get its alternative suggestions...)
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