Zenith 12.5mm Black Core Worktop Joining longways over Island

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Simon Dowding, May 28, 2017.

  1. Simon Dowding

    Simon Dowding New Member

    Has anyone worked with this stuff. I'm currently using this on a kitchen . The stuff is really hard but routes OK with sharp cutters.As its thin its joined with size 20 biscuits.
    I need to join along the length which is about 1800mm . Whats the best material to use for the straight edge to get that butt joint perfect?
    Also I used the Hot glue method which they suggest on there you tube clip on joining . But when I glued the joints and done a dry fit one of the blocks came off and took a piece of the laminate with it .Has anyone experienced this before?
  2. Doall

    Doall Active Member

    I've used its once on a kitchen complete nightmare to work with tbh. Way I joined was to biscuit join and buy a special suction ratchet clamp and used the glue that was supplied with said worktops. I also had to fit a island with curves very intense as due to the price of the worktops
  3. Simon Dowding

    Simon Dowding New Member

    That's not good , I was hoping for some reassurance. The tricky bit is routing straight along the length of 2000mmm and this coming together true. I worked off the uncut side of the other edge and as a guide rail with a 300mm bush guide but because of the long length you can get inconsistencies .i was supplied with a matching repair fill colour but the joint needs to be joined with a two part epoxy resin as per manufacturers instructions .

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