Zinseer 123 drying tine

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Darryl southam, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Darryl southam

    Darryl southam New Member

    Hi all

    I thought I would post this in the painters section.

    I have new door frames/stops etc
    I firstly painted all the knots in zinseer bin, then an hour later I went over everything with zinseer 123.
    It says on the tin that you are able to recoat in 45 minutes... I’m guessing this means recoat of 123. Website says full cure is 7 days.
    I was going to start my white satin painting tomorrow, what does everyone think? It would be about 18 hours since if I start painting again tomorrow.
    Don’t want to have to strip it all down if this goes wrong
  2. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    As it sounds like the timber is new, knotted and primed I would be inclined to undercoat as well prior to applying the satin.
  3. Darryl southam

    Darryl southam New Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply

    What undercoat would you suggest? All undercoats are primers also
    I thought I would just do 2 coats of the satin?
    Would I get away without the under coat if I did another layer of zinseer 123
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  4. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    123 is a primer and stain block, is the satin a water based paint.
  5. Darryl southam

    Darryl southam New Member

    Yes it is a water based version by crown
  6. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    In principle, satin is self undercoating. But because the opacity of water based primers and paints can be a bit low, some people still prefer to put an undercoat on first, it will give a more solid base to your top coats. I did my door frames with a spot prime of BIN, then a full coat of BIN then two coats of Sikkens Satura BL (no longer available) and I'm happy with them, but I did do some other painting over coverstain, which is oil based, levels better and has much more opacity, and I could see it was much better after just one coat, so I can see the merit in undercoating. Can't use coverstain in our house anymore though on account of the smell.
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  7. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    As above. ;)

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