Zinsser Flashing Concern

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Tins, Apr 2, 2024.

  1. Tins

    Tins New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have just purchased my first property and it's fair to say am a absolute DIY novice so apologies if this is a silly question.

    One of the walls has what appears to be a few greasy/oily spots on it. From what I have read repainting over them won't achieve anything as they will just reappear. I believe I need to use a stain blocker such as Zinsser BIN (is BIN the best for this type of job?) . I know the paint on the wall is Dulux Matt Emulsion Paint (Timeless).

    My question is, I am able to simply apply Zinsser Cover Stain to just the oily spots. Then when dry paint directly over the primmer with dulux matt emulsion? So just touching up the wall on these spots rather than painting the whole wall. I wasn't sure if by doing this there would be a different texture created to the wall where I have applied the cover stain making it obvious (flashing?) and possibly even more of an eye sore where I've tried to touch it up or will it simply blend in as it would have by just applying the correct dulux colour as you would with a regular touch up.

    Hopefully that makes sense and again, sorry for a silly question!

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  2. xednim

    xednim Screwfix Select

    you are right abt quality of mentioned stain blocker, it can be used to seal the patches and if last painting wasn't done to far ago you should be able to do touch ups only - feather in right paint won't be noticeable, remember to allow 2h between the coats or use hair dryer to speed up ;) if wall is not too large personally I will paint it entirely
  3. ViktorVaughn

    ViktorVaughn Member

    I’d initially spot prime the stains with BIN/123/CS etc then touch in with emulsion.

    If that looks horrible which it probably will, just repaint the whole wall.
  4. Tins

    Tins New Member

    Thanks guys. I feared this would be the case. Just to check when you say paint the whole wall, do you mean Zinsser the whole wall or just spot prime the stains then repaint the whole wall with emulsion?

    Is there a certain Zinsser that would be best for this kind of job? I can see they do various types that are oil/water based. Zinnser 123 appears to be MATT whereas BIN is gloss so I'm guessing 123 would be my better option as my emulsion is MATT?

    Again, apologies if this is a silly question!
  5. ViktorVaughn

    ViktorVaughn Member

    Just Zinsser the stains; I’d do a few coats but keep it to just the affected areas without leaving any thick edges that could show up under the emulsion.

    Either BIN or 123 should be fine. BIN is probably a stronger sealer where as 123 is water based so easier to deal with.
  6. Tins

    Tins New Member

    Thank you. I may play it safe try 123 in that case. Hopefully it is still up to the job as I have no idea what caused the stains.
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  7. ViktorVaughn

    ViktorVaughn Member

    If you’ve got any oil based paint or undercoat knocking about you could always give that a go to seal the stains first before buying anything else.

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