No key for upvc door

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Pagloss, Feb 15, 2014.

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    There are loads of video's on you tube showing this exact method in great detail
    Explains, as someone mentioned here that on some doors, the barrel is too long so can be whacked and snapped in seconds, without even removing the handle

    It's a difficult one to police (no pun intended) How do you stop this info falling into the wrong hands - not simply someone who has lost their key

    You can find all sorts of info on the internet.....Some good, some bad and some, well ......interesting

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    And I still haven't got any 'Likes ' :(...
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    I've just 'liked' your deep sense of self-pity... :p
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    There you go, you've got 2 now :p
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    Understand what youre saying Malkie butI think the thing was you have to take the handles off first which are unscrewed from the inside in my case. Im not sure I couldve done the same thing from the outside with the handle on because there was no barrel showing.
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    That's a fair enough point. :)
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    Having lost the key to our kitchen door, this morning I snapped off the euro lock as described. It took a good few hits, but eventually went. However, I managed to push through the second half of the lock and lost several pieces, including the lug that turns and throws open the lock. So the door is now minus the euro lock mechanism, but still firmly closed. I've tried to throw the lock using an angled screwdriver with no success - but then I have no real idea what I'm feeling for or how difficult this would be to do. Before I give up and call in a locksmith, does anyone have any ideas or advice?

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    You will probably need a euro cylinder tool, they are widely available and cost about £10-£12 . It has a special design that will enable you to turn the lock to open the door.
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    Fantastic. Thank you London Mike.
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    Or think about how the lever actually works, and fashion some tool to simulate it(bent screwdriver or allen key maybe).

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