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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Wristy, May 15, 2006.

  1. Wristy

    Wristy New Member

    i recently finished college doing carpentry and joinery for 2 years and my mums a kitchen designer so i wanna get into fitting them, im working as a bartender atm till i got my tools and van just wanted some advice on tools i would need for the job i works out a little list if you guys could point out anything ive missed it would be great

    DeWalt DC011 Radio Battery Charger 7.2 - 18V
    DeWalt DW920K 7.2V In-line / Angled Screwdriver
    DeWalt DC728KA 14.4V Drill Driver
    DeWalt DC330N 18V Cordless Jigsaw
    Makita 3620X 3/8" Router 240V
    4pc Kitchen Fitters Pk
    Erbauer Screwdriver Bit Set 10Pc
    Roughneck Electricians' Bolster & Guard 3" x 11"
    Worktop Jig 700mm
    Stanley Anti-Vibe Claw Hammer 16oz
    Screwdriver Set 49Pc
    Scaffold Level 10"
    Euro Box Level 900mm
    Cable Reel 240V 50m 4 Socket
    Heavy Duty Pipe Bender 15-22mm
    Monument Tools Automatic Pipe Cutter 15mm
    Monument Tools Automatic Pipe Cutter 22mm
    Professional Sealant Applicator Gun

    i have hands saw's, circlar saw, table saws, power planer and chisels
  2. STGO

    STGO New Member

    hello mate, the router you need is 1/2" and you will need to invest in a 4 ft and 6 ft spirit level, all your other stuff seems to be in order, although someone will come by later and add more bits, good luck mate
  3. Small gap in houses

    Small gap in houses New Member

    Sds drill even a cheap one will do at first. Bigger level to.
  4. You might want to consider:-

    A tile cutter,some trowels and floats.

    A good selection of decent clamps.

    Folding tressels
  5. Scrit*

    Scrit* New Member

    Yes -

    Bucket, gauging trowel, hawk and float.

    I keep doing stuff on kitchens where the plaster is damaged (sometimes by me).

    Add to that a pry bar or two for getting worktops out that are silicoed and glued into place

    And some disinfectant, heavy detergent, rubber gloves and floor clothes for when you get a really greasy one (like down the backs of 40 year old Agas, yuk!)

  6. grunt

    grunt New Member

    listen guys , hows about we do a "virtual tool box" for wristy , listing all the pucker gear , as if you went out tommorow and bought it but with the benifit of experience, as in your cordless tools would all be hopefully same voltage and make so batteries and chargers are compatible . for me most power tools would be 110 volt festool , water pump pliers and adjustable spanners by bahco , clamps have to be solo , but you need a deep record clamp for one end of your jig , best snap knife is the new irwin , best blow torch is that self igniting german one ....whats it called ??.and wristy if you re under 35 get yourself a princes trust business grant , if your mums a designer then ask to get in with a fitting team for 6 months , its a whole lot easier learning the tricks of the trade from an old dog than learning for yourself
  7. Kelvers

    Kelvers New Member

    Knee pads.
  8. ­

    ­ New Member

    Dust sheets, 9' x 12' plus stair runner dust sheets 24' x 3' (good on hallways). Vacuum [Aquavac/Vax/Trend] (if not already mentioned).
  9. Wristy

    Wristy New Member

    thx alot guys lots of great info, yea im under 35 i only turned 20 yesterday lol, was gonna get a loan from a bank to get my gear and tools at the start never heard of that grant so ill have to have a look
  10. Wristy

    Wristy New Member

    and that virtual tool box idea is a great one if someone could come up with that it would be great

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